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Which Brand Is The Best For Dental Implants

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that works as a permanent replacement for missing teeth. The titanium implant fuses with the surrounding jawbone because of its biocompatible nature and becomes a suitable anchor for the replacement tooth.

It can enhance your look, your ability to chew, and overall dental health. Dental implant benefits will be significantly amplified with your dentist’s help and the best dental implant brand for your particular needs.

However, since people’s interest in cosmetic dentistry rose and the rampant dental problems, new dental implant manufacturers have joined the market, and existing ones strive to brace their market share to respond to the demand. And this makes it challenging for an amateur to determine which brand offers the best services.  

And because your teeth are on the agenda, you still search for the best dental implant brands, which is totally expected. This post will give you the top 10 dental implant brands with a brief description of each.

Top Dental Implant Companies

Below are some of the popular dental implant brands dental professionals may resort to. Each dental implant company presents its unique value and may serve the perfect solution for you.


Founded in 1954, Straumann is famous for developing and manufacturing the finest, safest, and highly durable implant component products. Its dental tissue regeneration products are applied to stabilize implant procedures or uphold natural teeth after dental surgery for advanced periodontal disease.

Straumann implants are made from titanium, which merges into the jaw bone without inducing pain to the gums or the adjacent teeth. The Morse taper perfectly combines cold welding and firm vertical positioning. They can be used to anchor a single crown, dental bridges or dentures.

Straumann was the leading player in the 2017 global dental implant market, with an estimated market share of 23% of implants and related dental supplies. It allows clinicians to offer a full range of regenerative solutions— from bone around the implants to tooth replacement.

Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare, established in 1981, manufactures dental implants and products connected with their placement like abutments and restorative implants. It also custom-made prosthetics adopting the newest CAD/CAM technology to design exact templates during implant placement surgery.

The implant’s potency rests in its capacity to be used for poor bone conditions and remarkably soft bone quality.

Nobel Biocare ruled the market in 2018 and was the number one in the sectors of dental implants, prosthetic abutments, and surgical instrument kits.

Nobel Biocare introduces Xeal and TiUltra – two breakthrough surfaces to maximize tissue integration. The Xeal abutments are created to facilitate soft-tissue attachment and boost regeneration to lower the risk of complications involved in implantation procedures. The innovative TiUltra implants are designed to foster early osseointegration and preserve the strength of the jawbone and neighbouring teeth.

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet is another biggest dental company in the world, founded in 1927 to manufacture aluminum splints. They strive to keep the patients’ integrity, quality, and safety. They tackle dental care comprehensively and integrate superior craftsmanship with science to create state-of-art productions.

Zimmer Biomet offers a range of 12 bone-level implants with tapered, straight and tapered apex shapes.

They have been making dental implants for over 20 years – manufacturing regenerative materials, including bone graft substitutes, membranes, collagen wound care, and dental equipment and devices.

Besides its core dental segment, Zimmer Biomet creates, produces, and sells orthopedic products, like a dental prosthesis and artificial joints constructed from materials similar to its dental implants.

Dentsply Sirona

The union of Dentsply, a market leader in dental consumables, and Sirona, a market leader in dental technology and tools, leads to one of the world’s largest and most diversified producers of professional dental products and machinery.

The company creates three central dental implant systems: DS PrimeTaper can be inserted safely and efficiently, allowing permanent bone stability. Astra Tech Implant System presents surgical simplicity, precision, and restorative comfort. Xive is an innovative, intuitive, and flexible flat-to-flat system delivering excellent primary solidity.

It also manufactures anesthetics, prophylaxis for gum disease prevention, and tooth polishers. Dentsply also creates and produces artificial teeth.

They have incomparable scale and resources and are utilizing them to keep pushing innovation and help dental professionals in offices and laboratories deliver superior, safer, and faster care in all dental practices.  

Implant Direct

Implant Direct began in the dental industry in 2006. They become one of the first dental implant companies to provide dentists with implants through the internet at factory-direct prices. As a result, the California-based manufacturer made obtaining the tools for implant procedures less expensive for dental practitioners and their patients.

The brand produces Legacy2, Legacy3, and Legacy4 implant systems and strictly assesses its products to guarantee safety and efficacy. Their implants provide high-grade prosthetic and restorative solutions. Research shows that Legacy products remain durable and cause only minor bone and soft tissue changes within five years of implantation.

Implant Direct continues to help dentists expand their practices with premium, cost-effective implant solutions and better customer care and provides comprehensive patient education and case acceptance training instruments.


Established in 1985, Bicon not only continues to be essential but also continues to top implant dentistry. It is a privately owned company specializing in unique implants, offering the global dental society a comprehensive solution.

Bicon is a brand recognized for producing 8.0 mm short dental implants that use a locking taper or cold welding connection to attach the abutment to the implant. It allows for the placement of implants in parts where bone height is short and long bone grafting is impossible. The restorations will mirror natural teeth.

Bicon dental implants are not meant for ordinary people. They meet a small market, enabling patients to undergo implant-supported restorations with dental supplies not provided by most prominent brands.     


Hiossen Implant is one of the top five implant companies in the world. It is a branch of Osstem Implant (Korean implant brands), established in 2006.

Hiossen unique goal distinguishes them from other dental companies by concentrating on solutions that shorten treatment duration with innovative, safe, and compelling new dental procedures and improve clinical accuracy and comfort while enhancing aesthetic results.

Their production facility was built to produce their dental systems, including the ET System, MS System, and SS System, as well as prosthetic devices and specialized kits for tissue regeneration.

Hiossen is striving to improve the quality of the implants. And today, the company is exporting implant systems to more than 70 countries worldwide.

MIS Implants

The first MIS implants were made in 1995. And since then, MIS has been creating and manufacturing advanced products and ingenious solutions to streamline implant dentistry. Through high-tech production plants, MIS delivers a wide range of quality dental implants, frameworks, devices and supplies, regenerative solutions and digital dentistry services.

It exploits the booming demand of the value implant segment. Dentsply Sirona then acquired MIS in 2018; thus, this premium implant company achieved a position in the value implant market.


Biohorizons was founded in 1994 as an incubator company at the University of Alabama. BioHorizons has evolved into one of the biggest implant companies in the world.

In 1997, BioHorizons started its commercial venture by launching its Maestro implant system. Implants produced by BioHorizons have a uniquely engineered thread design that enables them to attain matchless initial stability.

BioHorizons is the only company with Laser-Lok, a surface technology proven to secure & maintain crestal bone and achieve connective tissue attachment. Not only does this help ease the healing process, but it also creates a tight seal against microbes to lessen the chance of infection.

BioHorizons has become a leader in the dental community, with a solid executive team that has operated it from the start.


MegaGen is a South Korean company, and its implant is used in over 100 countries worldwide. Their set of premium models derives from innovation and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. They are famous for their versatility, long-term application, and mechanical stability. They offer various dental implants and other medical appliances.

The brand’s leading implant line is the BlueImplant which has won the Trusted Quality Award from Clean Implant Foundation five times thanks to its safety and effectiveness. Its striking hue permits dentists to more skillfully detect acid residues on the surface and remove them before implantation to reduce the risk of complications.

Surgical Skill Effects On Implant Success

The critical determinant behind successful implant treatment is the surgical skill of the dental implant dentist and his/her ability to devise the restorative dental implant procedure.

Dental implants’ quality and the dentist tend to have an inverse relationship.

A skillful and experienced dental professional is likelier to deliver a better outcome than an inexperienced implant dentist. They can conduct and provide a state-of-art implant even by utilizing a substandard brand. But an untrained professional using a high-quality dental implant brand may not secure the best possible result.

Furthermore, a dental implant replacement or restoration must be one of your considerations. You will require a capable dental professional instead of the latest dental implant model. Thus, we can state that surgical skills are always favourable, which undoubtedly affects your dental implant procedure success.

Fortunately, you don’t have to pick between a skilled surgeon and premium dental implant brands. There are still numerous clinics where capable hands exist and use high-quality dental implant brands.

Choosing The Best Dental Implants for Your Condition

Keeping your mouth healthy and in the best condition is vital to maintaining robust overall health. If you sustain a lost tooth, tend to it without delay.

Thoughtfully deciding on dental implants and the dental professionals performing the surgery is essential to treatment success. Book consultations with more than one dentist. It can be worth inquiring about their experience conducting dental implants and which brand they plan to use, which they consider to be the best option for you.

Settling for a second-class implant because of cost might risk your life and make you spend more money sooner or later. So take your time and consider all the available choices to ensure that you proceed with implants that last for a long time and are appropriate, look and serve as naturally as feasible.


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