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Presently, the internet is how clients find competent service. With thousands of orthodontic practices globally, attracting attention on the internet can be vitally essential. When looking for an orthodontist, many new patients will contact the first office that ranks high in the search engine. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your office emerges on the first page of a web search.

Managing an orthodontic practice and treating patients allows less time to optimize your website, establish digital campaigns, or generate your reputation online. The good news is that Merged Dental marketing is an experienced Orthodontic marketing agency for you.

What is Orthodontics Marketing?

Orthodontic marketing pertains to the marketing strategies orthodontist surgeons may use and practice to draw the attention of new patients and boost awareness of their services and their medicine business.

It is dealing with your core demographic to occupy your schedule and maintain some loyal patients. Business is non-guaranteed due to a massive amount of competitors.

All the more, prospective patients assess your business online before getting in touch. They’re studying your prices, brand, and social media platforms. You practically cease to exist if you’ve yet to execute any orthodontic marketing approaches because modern patients aren’t searching for you in the address book.

In these times, online marketing is a vital component of your business strategy.

Orthodontic marketing strategies are essential if you hold objectives to guarantee patient acquisition. With abrupt transitions occurring in the dental industry, any orthodontic clinic that hopes to perform and gain a competitive edge must start making innovations.

What Can an Experienced Orthodontic Marketing Agency Do for Your Orthodontic Practice?

With numerous treatment options available to have that beautiful smile, more people are conducting thorough research to look for an orthodontist and service that’s best for them. For that reason, it is more necessary than ever that you create a tasks-driven orthodontic marketing strategy to generate a solid online presence and seek the perfect patients.

Though it might be a little overwhelming for your practice to make an impact on the web, it’s a chance to expand your patient base and outshine other orthodontic practices. At Merged Dental Marketing, we help you devise a suitable dental marketing formula for your practice’s demands.

Expand Your Practice

Expanding your practice has never been more manageable. Marketing is all about more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Its objective is to drive qualified leads to your website and then turn those leads into conversion.

As an agency, they’ll recognize development prospects and execute plans that make scaling your business an easy undertaking. And each plan is created with your ethics, goals, and patients into consideration.

Cost-Effective Assistance

Considering there are still offices in the orthodontic industry that do not have a marketing team, or even a large marketing budget, getting the assistance of an expert is reasonable and time-efficient. Hiring a professional agency allows you to secure a maximum ROI despite the average budget.

An expert will enlighten you on where you must spend money to profit and where you can save, guaranteeing the most favorable return on investment.

Valuable Orthodontics Information

Patients use websites to get information and book appointments with orthodontists.

Google scans your website for unique and relevant content that would be appealing to the client searching. Hiring a reliable digital marketing agency assures that your website is optimized to enlighten and teach someone interested in your specialized field. Google leads them to your site since you have the information they’re looking for.

It’s not only about bringing him to your site. He also understands more about his case or his needed treatment. By guiding him, you gain his trust. You establish a connection with a potential customer, and it’s logical that he visits you for treatment.

Social Media Presence

Maintaining a presence on social media channels is an excellent strategy to interact and build connections with patients and potential patients. However, your primary focus and priorities as a dental professional are teeth and gums, not comments, hashtags, or tweets, so, at times, your social media is overlooked on the timeline.

Hiring a marketing expert can boost your online visibility. And because social media is now part of people’s everyday lives, using this platform would provide you an edge over your competitors.

Improved Patient Retention

Good communication with your clients can lead to more excellent patient retention. It is always much more reasonable to retain a patient than to have a new one.

To keep your existing clients and bring in new referrals, you must distinguish your practice from competitors using exceptional marketing strategies. You will have to communicate in a way that garners attention through clever orthodontic practice marketing for dentists.


The scalability element is among the most significant advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency. With their help, you can adjust your time or budget as you please. This flexibility enables your dental staff to focus on the main tasks while also providing you with better management of your healthcare marketing budget.

Rather than needing additional resources, you will depend on a team of competent marketing professionals who know how to handle your practice’s marketing requirements to ensure expansion.

Generate Your Growth with our Digital Marketing Services

Allow us to take the chore of designing and exercising your digital strategy.

The daily schedule of orthodontics can make it challenging to concentrate on growing your brand. Your team may be swamped with scheduling, following up with patients, invoicing, etc. They are too busy to pay attention to digital marketing.

We have assisted dentists in becoming authorities in their field. And our straightforward process makes sure that you are working with professionals. We specialize in the following services:

Dental Branding

Without regard to the size of your orthodontics practice, branding is vital for building and securing preeminent awareness in your target audience. As among the respected orthodontic marketing firms, we are here to help you develop your brand to boost the value and exposure it attains.

We will start with your logo and then help materialize the orthodontics practice you’ve had dreamed of by generating your brand into a well-known and finest organization. You can trust our team to give orthodontic marketing recommendations to help you remain connected with your clients.

Dental SEO

Modern customers use the Internet to book appointments and get answers to their dental inquiries.

Specific search engine optimization will help get your website noticed by new orthodontic patients. Our SEO services include everything from building custom websites to creating localized content. We will focus on raising your site’s search rankings for specific keywords and traffic. Our objective is to send people to your website and convert those leads into loyal customers.

Web Design And Development

Advertise your best practices and quality facility by creating a well-founded website that converts. We have proficient web developers and digital designers who work cooperatively with our skilled digital marketing specialists. This teamwork is the key to allowing us to create and build a solid custom website for your office.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a meaningful way to target some audiences and generate helpful connections with patients. Exercising social media strategies can completely change the way people see your dental practice and feel more at ease choosing you for their orthodontic treatment.

PPC Campaign

Your digital marketing campaigns require quick support to set your branding. Our digital marketing services cover pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that direct your ads at audiences within your desired target market. Through our orthodontist digital marketing business and its professional PPC experts, we specify the most relevant and effective keywords to increase click-through rates and build the correct landing pages to boost conversions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly economical and productive way to be in touch with patients and prospects and supply them with necessary updates about your practice.

At Merged Dental Marketing, we’ll develop and produce email newsletters to connect you with prospective patients until they’re ready to book an appointment. We have various email marketing services to match your brand conditions, financial capacities, and preferred market segments.

Other Services Offered

Why Choose Merged Dental Marketing As Your Orthodontist Marketing Company?

Merged Dental Marketing is an expert in state-of-the-art digital marketing trends and uses that proficiency to best assist our clients. Having an established web presence for your orthodontic practice is critical for overall success. However, numerous orthodontists have trouble allotting time to manage marketing and a bustling practice. That’s where our marketing team can help.

Our strategies enable orthodontists to work using competent, conversion-focused digital marketing pursuits. We can emphasize the importance of your services and help your orthodontic practice expand. Although aligning crooked teeth is a significant concern for orthodontic care, besides a perfect smile, there are reasons to pursue treatment.

And even though some potential patients will be referred to an orthodontist by their family dentist, others may look through the web for a provider. Our unique approach can drive those prospective patients to your office.

If you want to learn more about how digital marketing for orthodontists can help you reach more patients, Merged Dental Marketing is here to help. Contact us now at 866-636-9650 or fill out this form! When you choose our team, we guarantee satisfaction and growth in your industry.


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