Waterloo West Dental – A 729% Increase In Traffic In Only Ten Months

In 2023, Waterloo West Dental’s Online Presence Skyrocketed

Waterloo West Dental’s online presence was catapulted to remarkable heights in 2023, demonstrating the undeniable power of SEO for dental practices.

By optimizing various digital avenues, over just a ten-month period, achieved a staggering:

  • 729% increase in total website users
  • 575% surge in engaged sessions
  • More than twice as many phone calls
  • Nearly double the amount of times people look for the dental practice’s address on Google Maps


  • Start of 2023: Zero website visitors per week
  • November 2023: 100+ website visitors per week

How People Find Dentists

When people need a dentist today, they open Google and search the internet for solutions like “root canal treatment,” “tooth ache,” or “dentist near me.” This is where Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO,” comes in. SEO campaigns ensure that Google picks your website to appear as the top result for valuable search queries. In plain English: every time someone searches for “Nearby dentist” (or something similar), your dental practice website shows up first.

Just as regular flossing maintains the health of your teeth and prevents problems, consistent SEO keeps your website and your business healthy and visible in the crowded online world by positioning your website as the first result in Google.

The Crash Course: Waterloo West Dental Case Study, pt. 1

“Organic Search Traffic” is the traffic you get when people find your website through a Google search. Our team re-wrote the landing pages of the website, created and published new blog content, and built dozens of in-depth, information-rich “Service Pages” on the site that detailed services like restorative dentistry, TMD treatments, and neuromodulator injections.

700+% Traffic Growth: Waterloo West Dental Case Study, pt. 2

By revising the content of over a ten-month period to align with what Google wants to see on a dental practice’s website, the site now enjoys:

  • 8 times the amount of website visitors every month
  • More than twice the amount of people phoning the practice
  • Nearly double the amount of people looking for the address and/or directions to the practice on Google Maps

SEO Success In The GTA: Waterloo West Dental Case Study, pt. 3

The team at Merged Dental Marketing has successfully leveraged these SEO strategies and campaigns for practices throughout the GTA. Every pin on this map represents another dental practice that we grew through campaigns like this one.

The Bottom Line: If these campaigns have worked for all of these GTA dental practices, they’ll work for yours too. It’s time to start rebuilding your Service Pages! Reach out our to Merged Dental Marketing to start your journey!



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